McCoy Associates is always reviewing potential investment managers to represent. If there is a talented manager you feel we should speak with, please let us know.

McCoy Associates is excited to be representing:

Laughing Water Capital

Laughing Water is dedicated to maintaining every possible competitive advantage for their investors. Matthew Sweeney runs a long-biased, concentrated portfolio of primarily small/micro-cap stocks and will be closing at ~$150M to maintain the flexibility to invest in areas of the market where other managers can't or won't go. Talented managers willing to forego increasing AUM so they can execute this style of investing are rare. It's even rarer to find one with such an impressive 5-year track record who is still open to investments. Reach out to learn more.

Previously, McCoy Associates has worked with the following line-up of talented managers

Askeladden Capital Management

Samir Patel at Askeladden runs a concentrated small/micro-cap portfolio of public equities. Due to the unique nature of this portfolio, the strategy has closed at $50M in commitments for the benefit of early investors. Talented managers that cap assets to focus on inefficent areas of the market are exactly the type of investor-oriented managers we enjoy working with.

Bares Capital Management

McCoy Associates worked with Bares Capital Management to raise money for the Bares Concentrated Micro-Cap Strategy (now 9/10 fund). The strategy reached its contibution goal of $100M and has been closed to new accounts for the benefit of existing investors. Brian Bares is one of the leading authorities in the micro-cap space and author of The Small Cap Advantage: How Top Endowments and Foundations turn Small Stocks into Big Returns.

Multicoin Capital - Crypto Asset Institutional Hedge Fund

McCoy Associates previously represented Multicoin Capital. Multicoin Capital is a hedge fund focused on blockchain based crypto-assets that provide exposure to venture capital economics with public market liquidity. Multicoin raised over $75 million from notable technology investors such as Marc Andreeson, Chris Dixon and Union Square Ventures. The strategy is open only to institutional and accredited investors.

Trammell Venture Partners

Trammell Venture Partners is a venture capital fund involved in seed-stage investments focused on three key sectors: machine intelligence, cybersecurity, and blockchain technology. Founded by Dustin Trammell, (2nd node on Bitcoin Network, early Kraken Crypto-Asset Exchange investor) this strategy is open only to institutional and accredited investors.

Morgan Dempsey Capital Management

McCoy Associates has also represented Morgan Dempsey Capital Management, LLC. Maury McCoy is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative of Morgan Dempsey and sat on their advisory board. Morgan Dempsey manages institutional class investment strategies via Separate Accounts. For information regarding their Large Cap Value or Small/Micro-Cap Value Strategy please contact Maury McCoy via e-mail or at (512) 775-0944.